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Technical requirements of large cutting machine

Shears are used widely in machining a shearing equipment, which can cut all kinds of steel material thickness.

Operating large-scale cutting machine should pay attention:

1, before cutting ministries to carefully check the work is normal, the electrical equipment is intact, the lubrication system is smooth; clear place around the table and tools, measuring tools and other debris and scrap materials.

2, start the machine, first idling several cycles, to ensure no abnormal situation, operation can be conducted.

3, do not operate alone one person shears, coordinated by feeding 2-3 people, control of dimensional accuracy and reclaimers, etc., and is determined by one unified command.

4, according to a predetermined thickness Shears, scissors gap adjustment shears. Not allowed to simultaneously cut two kinds of different specifications, different material sheet; do not stack shearing. Cut the sheet surface roughness requirements, can not be allowed to cut a narrow sheet metal pressing.

5, the belt of large cutting machines, flywheels, gears and shafts and other moving parts must be installed shield.

6, a large cutting machine operator feeding finger scissors mouth should maintain a distance from a minimum 200mm outside and leave the clamp. On large cutting machine placed protective fence can not block the operator's eyes and see the cropped area. Waste produced after the job angular, the operator should be promptly removed to prevent stab wounds, cuts.

7. Place the fence, to prevent the operator's hand into the scissors fall within the region. Work is prohibited on the ground to pick up the waste, to avoid being hit by falling workpiece.

8, can not quench fire cut material, also never allowed more than cutting shears ability to work.

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