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Large cutting machine operation requires attention to details返回列表
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Large cutting machine operation requires attention to details

First, CNC cutting pay attention to the details of the operation when:

1, in all the parts began to prepare cutting operation, check no abnormalities, fastening screws must not be loose. Brakes should normally be reliable.

2, in strict accordance with the roll paper thickness adjustment distance, do not overload. Mechanical properties can not undo the work pressure exceeds a predetermined range.

Second, the operation precautions

       1, must be placed in a stable position after the workpiece driving people running the operation, should be a clear signal that specifies a command.

2, hands should not be placed on cold rolled steel sheets, and allowed to use model checking, model checking allow shutdown after the round.

4, when the operation, the workpiece is prohibited standing, has not approached the cylinder on the circle has a good roll.

5, hot-rolled thick, larger cylinder or a larger diameter material strength, pneumatic tools should be moved repeatedly roll forming rolls and after a slight decline.

6, cold-rolled narrow tube, shears manufacturers should be placed on the roll, the intermediate rolling.

Third, pay attention to stop

1, when the cutting machine operator found abnormal sound, should immediately stop inspection adjustment repair.

2, isolating switch, disconnect the power.

3, the workpiece stop where the designated location.