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Patent Can Develop a New Mold within Three Days返回列表
时间:2016-08-23 14:54    浏览:0

ELITE INDUSTSTRIAL MACHINE (INTERNATIONAL) CO, LTD has new patent, can develop a new mold within three days.

Using the latest patented technology with the latest 40000 RPM high running speed   machine can achieve “develop a new mold within three days” which will save time nearly 80% during creating new mold.

Latest technology not only fast and high accuracy but also can control the error between 0.003 0.005 mm.

Because of high precision molds we make, then there is no need to burnish, spark and make copper male, our new patent simplify the processing procedure to improve efficiency, at the same time also reduce the investment of equipment.

The mold error rate can reduce more than 50%.The mould which using our latest technology can save 30% cooling forming time during making products, slash producing time .

The usage counts of most ordinary mould are around 500,000 times. Our latest technology Mold can repeat use 500,000-1,000,000 times.

 Elite latest patent that quickly create aluminum mold can help majority of enterprises to reduce producing costs and improve efficiency set a new standard for the whole mold industry!